The most flattering gowns will balance proportions and create definition if you have an apple body type. Knowing what looks best on you is the first step toward dressing confidently for your body type. This guide will show you the most basic cuts, styles, and features to look for while purchasing. Please continue reading for our clothing suggestions and styling tips for dressing your shape. The consistency of one's body measures determines an apple body type, also known as a circular or round shape, with your shoulders and hips being the same or slightly thinner than your waistline. For general tips, see our complete guide to clothing an apple shaped physique or inverted triangle shape. We provide style advice for tall body types, plus sizes, and tiny proportions. When looking for new dresses to add to your wardrobe, there are three things we recommend apple-shaped ladies seek.

Increase the length

This technique will expand your frame, whether worn with vertical stripes, a V-neck, or a longer silhouette.

Create your silhouette

Structured styles are great for apple body types because they provide a more contoured form.

Highlight your favorite features

Do you adore your legs? Off-the-shoulder is your jam? Find clothes that highlight your most outstanding features.


Because of its clean and simple lines, this appealing design offers a somewhat loose fit that gently glides over the stomach of apple-shaped ladies. Choose structural over swingy patterns to sculpt your figure. Bonus points if the dress has a banded waist for more shape across your midsection. Wear a multicolored flower pattern shift with essential ankle strap shoes and hammered gold jewelry.

Dress for Apple Shape body


Soft textiles, such as chiffon, do not expand the shoulders as much as more rigid fabrics, such as cotton or satin. Opt for more delicate materials and outfits without shoulder padding if you want to attempt the puff sleeve fashion trend. The ruffle sleeve is a style similar to the puff shoulder - to me, this is a more flattering design for the apple body type, and the blouse pictured on the right has all of the ingredients of a beautiful form for you. The v-neck, wrap shape, and feminine flutter sleeves assist in maintaining your body in balance. Wear with broader pants or bootcut skinny jeans to achieve a balanced look.

Dress for Apple Shape body


An empire waist dress elevates your waist above its natural position for a dramatic and appealing appearance. Our Offline Smock Waist Long Sleeve Garment is a playful and flirty spin on a dress that produces a waist. Wrap dresses are more fitting and create a waistline, making them universally flattering. Wrap tops, like wrap dresses, are primarily meant to provide a more defined waist, which is essential for an apple shape. Furthermore, they are perfect for displaying your breast.

Dress for Apple Shape body


Color blocking is a bright, vivid, and whimsical trend everyone can wear. However, understanding how to apply color blocking for your body shape is critical. Your form usually is smaller on the bottom and slightly heavier on top for apple shaped bodies. When it comes to shopping, your stomach is the most challenging place for you to style. The ideal technique to color block is to put bright colors on top and bottom and darker or more neutral colors on the waistline. Consider adding a black waist belt if you want to wear a red dress that flatters you.

Dress for Apple Shape body


The wrap dress, made famous by Diane von Furstenberg, looks great on any woman, regardless of body shape, and works for almost every location or event. The defining tie, whether functional or artificial, cinches the waist to provide definition. This adaptable number is ideal for those with an apple shape since it allows for a V-neck that elongates the upper torso. Choose one with a trendy print, like snakeskin, and match it with hoop earrings and barely-there shoes.

Dress for Apple Shape body


Vertical stripes can visually extend the proportions of one's physique. This method is especially true for narrow and thick vertical lines, which have the same slimming effect as wearing dark-colored clothing. Short bottoms are ideal for displaying your long legs. To compliment your body, try A-line, skater, or uneven-length skirts. Keep your shirts simple and free of embellishments. There will be no gathers or ruching, simply a straight line. They look fantastic on Apple forms. Unstructured and embellishment-free jackets and coats are ideal for Apples. Look for fashions that are straight-cut, single-breasted, or open. While your shirts should be simple and without adornment, your bottoms should be attractive. Light colors, patterns, and details look excellent on your bottom half.

Dress for Apple Shape body


Because jumpsuits are often fitting, they draw attention to the body's shape and can be unforgiving. Finding a jumpsuit that does not emphasize the broader midsection is essential for the apple body type. A jumpsuit that is broader around the belly and shorter in length accentuates your legs. A wrap playsuit will slide over your curves while highlighting your breast. An empire design with a high waist definition is also a terrific option. Flowy materials that flow away from the body, such as linen and chambray, are ideal. Avoid form-fitting jumpsuits, playsuits, and designs with slender, tapering legs.

Dress for Apple Shape body


If you want to smooth out your contours, choose high-quality, durable textiles. Gatherings and ruched sides might be more flattering if you feel uncomfortable in figure-hugging shirts. When it comes to sleeves, go with your instincts. Gosleevelessif you enjoy your arms. If you want to cover your arms, choose fitting sleeves rather than bulky ones to balance off your bigger breast and a middle portion.

In contrast to other body forms, the apple shape looks excellent when the hemline reaches the hip or upper thigh, and layering may pull your outfit together. Wear anything more structured or fitted on the bottom if you're wearing something flowing and large on top. Jeans, shorts, and skirts with a high waist can help define your waist.

Dress for Apple Shape body


An empire waist is ideal for emphasizing your bust and scoop necks if you have an apple shape. The elevated waistline begins just below the breast, which helps extend your upper body and torso, especially with an open neckline like this sweetheart shape. Wear a flowery dress with blush-pink drop earrings and low-heeled sandals.

Dress for Apple Shape body


Focus on top heavy while shopping for outfits for an apple body type. Anything that emphasizes the shoulders, full bust, and neckline is a good pick. Boat necks, square necks, and other necklines that highlight the collarbones are very appealing. Patterns may both conceal and draw attention to problems. The square neckline exudes an elegant and antique look. It draws attention to the neck and collarbones and looks great on those with pear-shaped bodies. It is also suitable for persons with an apple-shaped body shape. This square neckline accentuates the collarbones without being too exposed, creating a voluptuous profile.

Dress for Apple Shape body


A bias-cut dress has the fabric cut at a diagonal angle to create the ideal non-clingy drape with good elasticity. Your body type complements many dress your apple styles beautifully. Bias cut dresses, woven sheaths, and hefty jersey dresses with a front knot under breast details are all fantastic choices since they create a waistline while skimming over the additional portions. Dresses with ruffle accents in the center front belted shirt dresses and mock wrap frocks with plenty of side seam rushing will also work. Pencil skirts with structure look great on you. Keep them knee-length with a straight side seam from the hip. Bias cut dresses, trumpet skirts, and paneled A-line skirts are excellent options. Avoid wrinkles and gathers by wearing a flat front, straight leg, boot cut, or flared pants/jeans.

Dress for Apple Shape body


Because apple-shaped women have bigger chests, broader shoulders, narrower hips, slender legs, and a less defined waist, a mini dress is a challenge. Especially when you gain weight that after leads to heart disease. Using a belt on an apple-shaped body may work, but significant styling abilities are required. However, it will only work in some cases, particularly if you have an apple-shaped physique on the heavier side. So try a slim belt or a belt that contrasts with what you're wearing. Consider monochrome mini dresses. This is the ideal approach for apple-shaped ladies to have a distinct waistline when enveloped in layers.

Dress for Apple Shape body


Introducing vertical lines is a reliable strategy for complementing a rounder form. More extended dress designs, such as midis and maxis, may achieve this in the most literal sense. Dress length is vital with these styles, regardless of height. A midi length should reach mid- to lower calf, while a maxi length should brush the tips of your feet. Prepare to dazzle with a sparkly ensemble with chandelier earrings and shiny shoes.

Dress for Apple Shape body


Vertical lines trim and lengthen the body. Directing the eye up and down rather than side to side makes apples appear taller and slimmer. V-necks are the most flattering neckline for apple forms. Because apples are broader and rounder in shape, we want to search for elements that draw the eye inward. Contrasting features on a v-neck, such as a distinct color or pattern, aid in this. They form a vertical line that draws the attention inward and downward. V-necks are also excellent for displaying jewelry or cleavage.

Dress for Apple Shape body


A dress with an upper waist cutaway may work wonders for fooling the eye and leveling out your figure. Short clothing is comfortable and available in both solids and designs. Empire waist dresses have made a significant resurgence in recent years, optically elongating the legs and increasing the waistline. A gathered waist dress has a lot of fabric, which adds volume to your waist while flattening your bust and hips.

Dress for Apple Shape body


The waist smocking will not only define but also extend your waistline. Smocked and cinch-waist dresses offer the same advantages as tie-waist dresses. With a narrow top and a longer skirt, they should also strike at the smallest area of the waist. Smocking and cinching give the dress more give than dresses with structured waists. They're more comfortable to wear since they stretch around the waist and can be tightened or relaxed to fit your waist size.

Dress for Apple Shape body


The most fabulous dress for your figure makes you feel confident, trendy, and gorgeous. It's one thing to choose items with lovely patterns and colors, but dressing for your body type is essential if you want to establish yourself as a style star in your neighborhood truly. Today, we'll concentrate on apple shapes. While most people associate apples with being large, they can also be slender or medium in size. They might be tall, short, or any height in between. Their torsos might be short, long, or regular. The ideal apple body type A-line dress will flare out from the narrowest area of the waist. It will draw attention to the larger waist if it falls any lower. All of the following designs and concepts will make your form seem stunning.

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