How to Dress and Augment Different Body Shapes: The Ultimate Guide
Fashion comes in all different shapes, colors, and sizes – it’s all about feeling confident in what you’re wearing and altering your outfits to accentuate your best features. Your style should be personal to you, and there is no wrong way to dress as long as you feel good in your clothing. We recognize that this all sounds easy and seamless, however, figuring out your style and learning how to dress in clothing that is flattering for your body shape is not always second nature for most people.
Why Caring About Your Appearance is Important?
The more you care about appearance there is an opportunity to be creative and get noticed for the right reasons. The body is a beautiful thing, a sign of self-respect. It gives others confidence in you and it compels them to treat you with respect by others. Moreover, appearance helps you feel good inside and outside. The beauty you create shows a more beautiful world to you. Above all dressing well is good manners!
What to Buy?
Choose classic in style, made from natural fibers. Prefer to buy quality over quantity. Don’t skimp on your undergarments, it is the foundation for your Clothing. Shop for good quality, stylish, and comfortable shoes/boots. Buy more solids than prints, so there is a chance to create a capsule wardrobe. Study labels for Care Instructions to avoid dry cleaning costs. Calculate the cost-per-wearing = cost of garment divided by the number of wearings.
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